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Poonam Kumari

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Online Data Interaction Lab
University at Buffalo

12 Flickinger ct, Apt F, Amherst, NY, 14228 
poonamku at buffalo dot edu


  • Loki: Streamlining Integration and Enrichment.
    William Spoth, Poonam Kumari, Oliver Kennedy and Fatemah Nargessian
    Proceedings of the HILDA 2020 Workshop [paper]
  • Make Informed Decisions:Understanding Query Results from Incomplete Databases.
    Poonam Kumari
    Proceedings of the VLDB 2019 PhD Workshop [paper]
  • The Good and Bad Data.
    Poonam Kumari and Oliver Kennedy
    Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 2017 [paper]
  • Communicating Data Quality in On-Demand Curation.
    Poonam Kumari, Said Achmiz and Oliver Kennedy
    Proceedings of the 11th VLDB Workshop on Quality in Databases 2016 [paper]